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Air Duct Cleaning

IntelliServe is a technology marketing company that brings advanced, robust products from the factory to industrial users. 

Green Building Technologies 

Cooling Energy Reduction through Duct Sealing

Cooling and Maintenance Optimization

Killing Germs by Electrostatic Technology 

Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions

Microbial screening Kits

Professional HVAC Cleaning Equipment 

Industrial Cleaning Equipment 


This common air duct condition results in poor indoor air quality and negative workforce productivity.  

We clean HVAC Systems using advanced HVAC cleaning equipment. 

  • HEPA-Filtered Negative Duct Vacuums

  • Minimum 5000 CFM Recirculate Capacity 

"Visually clean Ducts is merely  the first step to an efficient HVAC system and an healthy indoor environment. 

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