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Magirus Fire-Fighting Robot

The fire-fighting turbine vehicle Magirus AirCore is very efficient
for Fire Rescue --big fires and big surface, especially liquid fires.
It binds gasses and smoke and improves the visibility and safety. 
This special vehicle provides much faster heat absorption
compared to current methods and is easy and safe in use.

  • Flexible centre nozzle choice

  • Radial nozzle capacity 1,000 l/min

  • Center nozzle capacity 500 l (spray nozzles) / 2,500 l/min (spray jet / full jet)

  • Total water flow capacity up to 3,500 l/min

  • Electric or hydraulic drive

  • 2 sizes available: S15 or M25

  • Up to 80 m throwing distance

  • 8-12 bar operational pressure, max. 16 bar

  • Foam agent application possible (0,5 / 1 %)

  • Remot controle possible

  • Electrical adjustment of the centre nozzle to spray jet / full jet

  • Compact dimensions

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